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Please see the basic information below on our process in preparation for your participation on the platform. Refer to the website for updates or feel free to contact our team should you have additional questions.


- Awards year nominations are open every October - December each year.

- Only 1 nomination per artist required, forms must be completely filled out and submitted by the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS!

- During open nominations, visit our website, follow the menu to the nominations page, complete and submit the nomination form.

- All nominations will be reviewed from January 2nd - January 31st each year.

- Nominees are informed between February 3rd - February 5th each year.  Nominees are required to accept the nomination in order to continue through the process and receive additional instructions. 

- Nominees are not required to pay any fees in order to participate.


- Submit a clean head shot photo (vertical, solid background, clear image), our graphic artist will create your nomination graphic.

- An opportunity for you to share  your nomination, categories, and dates with your network to promote voting.

- Official graphic is optional and requests must be submitted before the published deadline.


- Voters are NOT required to vote in every category.  Choose the category you want to vote in and cast your vote.  That's it!

Finalists are chosen by unlimited popularity voting in the first round.

- Nominees with the highest count of popularity votes are advanced to the Finalist Round.

- Winners are chosen by artist review, votes from the GCMA Review Board, and limited public voting (1 vote per person) in the Finalist Round.

- Winners in each category will be acknowledged and awarded at the annual awards show.

- Although winners are not required to be present, it is STRONGLY urged.

- DISCLAIMER: automated voting is prohibited. Violators’ votes will be discarded.


- The official quarterly magazine of the Gospel Choice Music Awards.

A magazine of faith focused on inspiring, encouraging, educating, and serving as a resource to each reader.

- A resource for independent artists, those in ministry, and others looking to be a help by sharing helpful information.

- We are looking for feature articles on independent artists, ministries, businesses, as well as advertisements.

Contact us today to get more information on our next issue: GCMAXCHANGE@GMAIL.COM



- The annual awards show is scheduled for late June of each year.  Please follow our website, Facebook page or group for updates.

- Opportunities to participate on the show are shared during the March/April timeframe. Form submissions for those interested must be submitted by the published deadline each year. NO EXCEPTIONS!

- Other opportunities for performances, media, and vendors will be made available closer to the published show date.


Contributions make it possible for us to offer workshop opportunities, presenters, and discounted fees throughout the awards year.  Your donation helps support the GCMA platform and our endeavor to promote, inspire and encourage independent gospel artists.  Partner/Sponsor with us to make a difference in the lives and ministries of the independent artists we serve.

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