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Jeffery E. Holmes

Born the youngest of three boys to Martha and John Holmes, Jr. and raised in Hartford, Connecticut.  Regarding his drive and perseverance, he says he owes it all to a mother that cared and encouraged his best in everything he did.  Jeff graduated with an Associate’s from Capital Community College in Computer Information Systems, Bachelor and Master Degrees from the University of Hartford in Psychology and Organizational Behavior.  Although growing up in Connecticut was not always easy, invaluable lessons and examples of faith, endurance, and perseverance were constantly encouraged by his mother and aunt (Cora Flowers).

Jeffery remembers as a young boy, attending Faith Seventh Day Adventist Church.  He was a member of the Children’s Choir directed by his cousin, Grace Flowers, who would later ignite his passion for gospel music, encourage his musical gifting, and launch his leadership in music ministry.


While a rich history of preaching pastors added a great deal of influence in Jeff’s Christian walk, these men imparted wisdom and heightened his consciousness on the importance of service to God and mankind.  A number of exemplary mentors steered the helm and showed him the importance of true leadership and service to those in need.    


Jeff’s impact on the gospel community has grown tremendously as a singer, choir director, leader, and entrepreneur.  Having relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, he served regularly and faithfully as a choir director.  He is the CEO of ChurchBlast, a social media advertising agency for small to medium size churches as well as the founder and CEO of the Gospel Choice Music Awards, serving independent gospel artists, praise dance and mime ministries across North America, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. His passion for singing, choral directing and positively impacting the lives of those he encounters has led to establishing a resourceful, impactful and extensive network in the gospel music industry.  Whether in ministry, leadership, administration, partnership, or networking, Jeffery has been afforded the opportunity to grow and expand in many ways and on many levels.  He sums all of this with “I decided to answer God’s call and haven’t regretted a moment.  I’m excited to see what God has in store for the next season of my life.”


Jeffery’s passions for singing, choral directing and positively impacting the lives of those he encounters has led him to establishing a resourceful, impactful and extensive network in the gospel music industry. Having recently become the new owner and Chief Executive Office of the Gospel Choice Awards, he relaunched the company under the name of the Gospel Choice Music Awards. Marking 30 years of service to gospel music and the community, he established the 2018 GCMA GospelFest & Artist Showcase, where fifteen artists ministered/performed original material. In June of 2019 he hosted the 25th annual celebration of the Gospel Choice Music Awards. The annual show honors artists in gospel music ministry and presents over 35 categories of awards. A portion of the proceeds from the awards show goes towards student education/scholarships and donations to other non-profit organizations.


Jeff understands many of the challenges in the gospel music industry. One in particular that he desires to change for the independent artist is the difficulty with getting ministry exposure. “Many of these artists don’t have the budgets nor resources to secure mainstream air time on radio and television.  My aim and desire is to provide exposure, ministry opportunities, and recognition for independent artists throughout the United States and across the seas via television, internet and radio broadcasts.” Through a growing network, artists will be able to get media, advertising, recording and production, broadcasting and other services to aid in growing and building their ministries.

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